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Branded after our middle names, this lifestyle blog features all things style + #momlife. I'm Kherington, creator of The Kierra Quinn. Bentlee aka BQ is my *almost* 2 year old daughter with MAJOR personality! This blog started as a creative outlet for me postpartum + has QUICKLY turned into something much more than that. The Kierra Quinn has been up + running since May 2016, but this isn't my first time around in the blog game. I previously created content for a local jewelry retailer + blogged under the name Style Maven for 2.5 years. This time around, I'm more transparent than ever when it comes to my take on motherhood. On top of juggling mom + blog life, I also have a consulting business that consists of style sessions for the everyday woman + social media content planning for bloggers + businesses. The word "busy" is an understatement, but like I always say, "mommin' ain't easy...might as well do it in style"! 

Thank you for following our blogging journey.

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