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Today on TheKQ, I'm talking beach days with a toddler in tow. 

I recently noted a beach day as a date idea with your mini {here}. I have also shared some beach essentials {here}. This time around, I wanted to give you an inside look at our most recent trip to Lake Michigan. 

Summertime in Michigan is my favorite time of the year! I've joked about being solar powered in the past, but I honestly think it is true. Something about the sunshine just improves everything around me! I have been itching to make to it to the beach since the weather started looking up. Between all things business, blogging, + busy weekends, we FINALLY made it to Lake Michigan as a family. 

We usually frequent Tunnel Park Beach in Holland, but this time around we wanted to experience a different location. There's no shortage of options along West Michigan's coastline, so we decided to head to Kirk Park Beach near Grand Haven. It's a little smaller + more private, which is perfect when chasing around BQ. Plus, it's family friendly which is always at the top of our list when scouting out any location to relax. 

The difference between this beach trip + last year - A T O D D L E R ! Here's a timeline of how our day went...

11 AM 
Arrive at beach + unload the car

S L O W L Y make your way to the beach because your toddler has to stop every minute to look at grass + trees

Find your spot + set up your beach essentials

Still setting up essentials while yelling to your toddler to stay away from the water.

Your toddler is begging to go to the water

Finally finished setting up your spot

Take your toddler to the lake + attempt to put her in the water

Toddler is C L I N G I N G to your for dear life because she is terrified of the water 

Take your toddler back to your spot

Your toddler is begging to go to the water 

Your husband volunteers to take her back to the water

You start to "relax" by painting your toes in your favorite summer shade

You finish your nails + decide to relax by laying out in the sun to nap 

Your umbrella rolls away + hits the person behind you

You hop up to chase your umbrella + apologize to the person it hit while your freshly painted toes are now covered in sand

You set up your umbrella again + look out to the water where your toddler is STILL terrified of the water 

Your husband brings your toddler back to also "relax" + play with her beach toys

Your toddler is begging to go to the water 

And that was only the first hour! 
I am happy to say after T W O H O U R S (thanks to my donut floaty) BQ FINALLY got in the water with us. She loved it so much + kept saying, "Mommy, it's a bath! Water! It's a bath!" + of course when we tried to leave she begged us to stay! Yes, beach days with a toddler are more eventful + less relaxing than they used to be, but seeing her smile + laugh + experience things for the first time makes every exhausting minute worth it! 

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